Belize and Honduras -
November/December 1997

These countries were visited whilst travelling as a passenger on a Fyffes 'banana boat', and are located in Central America.

Waiting off Big Creek, Belize. The pilot has just come aboard and the tug will guide us into the VERY narrow channel (only a couple of feet spare at either side!) to the dock.
I could have included a photograph of the Mayan ruins at Nim Li Punt, but I thought this picture of the beach at Placencia was nice, too. I spent a night here (in an hotel adjacent to the beach, not on the beach itself!) whilst the cargo ship was berthed at Big Creek, only a half hour away by fast speedboat - a very exciting trip through mangrove swamps.
This is a scale model of the fortress at Omoa, just west of Puerto Cortes on the north coast of Honduras. This was built by the Spanish to defend the coast, and the riches of the interior, from pirates - mainly British, who controlled the offshore Bahia islands.

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