Sultanate of Oman

I lived in the 'Capital Area' of Muscat for most of my time here in 1979-82, although I spent a couple of months during this time living in Nizwa, about 160km northwest of Muscat, in the interior.

The Sultan's Palace at Muscat. The present ruler, Sultan Qaboos ibn Said, came to power in the early 1970s when he deposed his father, Sultan Said ibn Taimur, in a bloodless coup. The old Sultan had very traditional views and was unwilling to permit modernisation of his country despite the recent oil revenues which would have permitted this. I was a frequent visitor to the old Sultan during the time of his exile in London until his death and he was a charming man, although he could be somewhat obtuse.
The beach between Madinat Qaboos and Ruwi - several miles of beautiful sand, almost deserted apart from a few fishermen. Madinat Qaboos was a development of modern homes between Muscat and the airport where many foreigners such as me, and some Omanis, lived.
Taken in the Jabl Akhdar ('Green Mountains') near Bahla, and not far from Nizwa where I was based at the time. The name 'Jabl Akhdar' derives from the fact that these mountains are reasonably well-watered, in regional terms, so that irrigated agriculture can be carried out in the valleys using extensive small surface aqueducts (called 'falaj' in Arabic) to channel water to where it is required.
The camel has just been bought by the men in the picture and will shortly be raised onto the truck for transport to its new home. This photograph was taken at Ibri.

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