Hong Kong

I lived here in 1982-5 and again in 1991-2. Hong Kong is a vibrant city, but there are also quite large areas of unspoilt countryside on Hong Kong island, the New Territories and various of the outlying islands, specially Lantau which has twice the area of Hong Kong island, but even today a relatively small population.
The flag of Hong Kong is a representation of the national flower, the Bauhinia.

Looking toward Kowloon and the New Territories from Hong Kong Island. This picture was taken from my bedroom in the first flat I occupied in Hong Kong.
One of the company launches 'Wayfoong', available for use in the evenings and at weekends. I have had some lovely excursions in this fine old vessel.
Sunset over Repulse Bay, on the southern side of Hong Kong Island. This view is from the balcony of another flat I was lucky enough to have lived in.

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