I lived in Paris from 1985-8; one of the great joys was driving home in the early evenings in summer from the office, close to the Opéra, up the Champs Elysées. My apartment was located about halfway between the Arc de Triomphe and the Bois de Boulogne.

At least one of us is showing knees! My secretary, Marilyn, was vastly amused to see me wearing a skirt.
Château de Vaux le Vicompte, near Fontainebleau. This magnificent building had a downside - the gent who commissioned it ended his days in prison because the King took offence that one of his subjects should have a Palace to rival a royal residence; no doubt there is a lesson in humility for us all here.
Château Chambord is a massive pile in the Loire region; the effort to heat this in winter must have been enormous.

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