I lived in Dubai then Abu Dhabi from 1989-91. My job required me to travel between these two cities at least twice a week and I visited many other parts of the country for business and pleasure. The people here are quite friendly - although it is not so easy as it might first appear to practise Arabic here because a very large proportion of the population comes from India and Pakistan so languages from these two countries are common as is English.
The UAE comprises seven emirates - Abu Dhabi (the largest and wealthiest), Dubai (the next in size and wealth), Sharjah (the third in importance), plus Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm-al-Quwain.

Overlooking the creek which separates Dubai and Deira - the photograph is looking toward Deira side from the older part of Dubai. The vessels shown are mainly dhows used for trade between Dubai and Iran, Pakistan and India.
Me atop my 'steed' in the mountains between Dubai emirate and Oman.
The hotel at Wadi Hatta in the northern hills between the UAE and Oman. Subterranean water is used to irrigate farms nearby, but the hotel grounds are given over to manicured lawns and elaborate flower beds - quite remarkable because just outside the hotel perimeter the land is barren rock; all the topsoil in the hotel grounds had to be brought in so plants could be grown.
Abu Dhabi city is located on an island and this photograph is taken on the nearby mainland around partially natural and partially manmade creeks. I particularly enjoyed barbecues in this area - it was also an excellent place to let my dog roam for a couple of hours in complete safety.

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