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The Alcazar and the Cathedral in Seville, capital of Andalucia
- the first four images are of the Alcazar, the remaining seven are of the Cathedral
I visited both on 24th March 2007 - an exhausting but exhilarating full day of 'sightseeing'!
A courtyard with indricate plasterwork from the Islamic period (Patio de las Munecas)

A beautiful and tranquil courtyard (Patio de las Dencellas)

One of the tapestries in the Tapestry Room (Sala de Tapices)
The interest in this particular tapestry is that the map is inverted from the current usual layout
- north is at the bottom, with the southern part of the Iberian peninsula at bottom right and North Africa
(present-day Morocco, Alegeria and Tunisia) is at the top. Corsica and Sardinia are toward the left with
Sardinia above Corsica!

A small corner of the quite large gardens of the Alcazar

The Giralda of Seville Cathedral; originally this was the minaret of the mosque
which formerly occupied the site of the Cathedral

A part of one of the two massive organs in the Cathedral

The amazing and huge gilded Altar in the Main Chapel of the Cathedral

A small part of the ceiling in the eliptical Chapter House. A stunningly beautiful room.

The orangery courtyard in the Cathedral (Patio de los Naranjos);
the photograph was taken from roughly half-way up the Giralda

Looking out over the buttresses of the Cathedral from half-way up the Giralda;
this give some idea of just how massive Seville Cathedral is.
In the middle distance at right can be seen the Seville Bullring.

The Giralda is about 90 metres in height, but is surprisingly easy to climb
because instead of steps one walks up a series of gently sloping ramps
- designed to allow horses to be ridden up to the top!

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