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Carnaval - Aguilas - 2007 (Murcia Province, Spain)
20th February 2007
Light rain started to fall at around 5.30pm, and continued steadily (getting a little heavier)
as the evening progressed
The first dancers, below, started passing by our stand at about 5.45 pm

Followed soon after by this yellow- and black-clad group

... and shortly afterwards by these rather hairy (male) 'ballerinas'
- what's fun abour this kind of event is that these very 'butch' men entered into the spirit
of the parade completely unselfconsiously - as did all the other people during the evening

One amongst the parade of 'scary' wolves!

A group of decidedly 'dodgy'-looking policemen and policewomen!

This float followed a good group of moonie-boot wearing dancers;
one of the best groups of the evening

This float brought up the rear of another group of very colourful dancers

A details from another colourful group - my modest tribute to the
style of posts Tottyland specialises in; the dancer on the left was a very nice-looking man

And a very silly-looking Bill wearing his Carnival-hat;
I had taken refuge in a bar from the rain and the coolness by this stage and had enjoyed
a couple of creamy coffees laced with Cointreau (one of my favourite liqueurs) - hence the vacant grin!

Some of the people in the parades threw wrapped chocolates into the crowd as they passed,
others let people swig from bottles of brandy or whisky that they were carrying. One character we
met during the evening had his own miniature float from which he was handing out banknotes
bearing his own lovely portrait - I thought it wiser not to try and spend this one in the bar!

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Copyright © 2007 William Cameron