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VITAMIN & MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS (This page last revised on 21 January 2015)

I mention regularly throughout my journal entries the supplements I take, specially the changes from time to time. However, unless you read all my entries and tabulate the information I give there it may be unclear the overall level of supplements I am taking. This page will rectify any confusion by showing simply a list of what I take and I will update this list whenever there are changes. NB/ Manufacturers change the weight formulation of their products from time to time, so I update the details below occasionally:

Supplements - most taken before breakfast, after swallowing the fibre mixture.
  • multi-vitamin tablets ('Centrum Select 50+' - one-a-day)
  • vitamin C suckable tablet (1 x 500mg)
  • vitamin B Complex tablet  (1)
  • vitamin E capsule (1 x 400iu)
  • cod liver oil capsule (1 x 525mg)
  • garlic tablet (1 x 'Wassen' one-a-day)
  • glucosamine sulphate tablet (3 x 500mg - nb/ 21JAN2015 I have upped my dose from 1, as I am getting older
  • co-enzyme Q10 capsule (1 x 100mg )
  • pantothenic acid tablet (550mg)
  • 1 magnesium tablet (1 x 300-375mg - depending upon brand available)
  • zinc tablet (4 x 15mg) - before breakfast
  • Potassium comes in the form of low-sodium salt, which I sprinkle liberally over almost all food.
Some comments about the vitamin and mineral supplements I take

I have been taking some of these (or similar) for many years, long before I began to do the Atkins diet - for example a multi-vitamin tablet, a high-strength vitamin C tablet, a cod liver oil capsule, a garlic tablet.

Other multi-vitamins that I sometimes take/took are 'Atkins Basic 3' (three-a-day) or 'Centrum' (one-a-day). I now take 'Centrum Select 50+' (one-a-day), designed for people over 50 years old and this is readily available in the UK.

The other change is that I have doubled the zinc dosage from 2x15mg a day, to 4x15mg a day, all taken before breakfast.

The change referred to above for co-enzyme Q10 is because of further reading in one of the books I have (see below): "Dr Atkins vita-nutrient solution - Your Complete Guide to Natural Health".

Since starting to do Atkins, however, I have added the others. My guides for this have been:

  • Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution (often referred to as 'DANDR') - this is the main Atkins diet book;
  • Dr Atkins vita-nutrient solution - Your Complete Guide to Natural Health
Sourcing of the vitamin and mineral supplements I take (this section added on 4th January 2015)

For many years, I obtained most from a local supermarket or chemist (mainly Tesco, with a few items from Boots), with a few which they did not stock coming from a local health food store. However, over the years, both Tesco and Boots have either ceased stocking or stocking only sporadically certain items. The local health food store has gone out of business completely. Although many items are still sourced from Tesco (rarely any from Boots now though), I have for various reasons had to, or chosen to, source others on-line, from Amazon and a more specialist firm called Just Vitamins (URL:; I think many probably shop on-line at Amazon so I haven't bothered to put their URL here. However, the range of vitamins and minerals I take is largely unchanged from what is written above, if purchased now from a more diverse range of sources, partly for reasons of availability and in a few cases because of the lower prices for exactly the same items when purchased on-line.

For some of the items obtained from Amazon I make use of their 'subscribe & save' facility, both because it provides additional small discounts over already lower prices, also because I avoid forgetting to stock up on these items or find they are out of stock at the local suprmarket when I try to buy them.

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