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My 'real' name is William Cameron, although I am almost never called William, instead most people call me Bill and I prefer this. The photograph on my HomePage was taken in March 2017 in the living room of my home in Nairn, and that on the right was taken in November 2016 in the dining room.

I live in Nairn, which is located on the coast of the Moray Firth in the north of Scotland. I moved here in September 2000 from Culloden, which is just outside Inverness. Nairn is only about 15 miles east of Inverness. My apartment overlooks the cricket pitch and has views toward the harbour and the sea, which is only about 50 or so metres away - I enjoy living here a lot. (In the winter I spend three or four months in Spain, near Mazarron in Murcia, as I don't care for the British winter, specially in the period early-January/late-March. I have a dedicated website for my Spanish holiday home here.)

I happen to have been born in Inverness. I did not grow up there, although I have family connections in the area - which is why I decided to have a home here. I spent much of my working life in the Middle and Far East, living in a number of countries in these areas and visiting many others both on business and for pleasure.

This is the view from my home, over the cricket pitch. It was taken in April 2003 when there were frequent rainbows.

To see more Images of Nairn, please click on the photograph at left

A pretty major change in my personal circumstances occurred quite recently, as I married my partner ZHANG Chi (Chi Zhang) on 29th February 2016 - you can view a gallery of our wedding photographs here.

I will hopefully reach the age of 65 years in a few months, in June 2017.

I had a dog, called 'Tara' - please follow the link above or below to see photographs and to read a little more about her; unfortunately she died in early May 2007, having not quite reached her 13th birthday. My main photograph album (click on 'photos') has some photographs of me when I was younger as well as pages devoted to various places I have visited on holiday in recent years and most of the countries I have lived in over the years. Photographs of Nairn and surrounding areas are not in my main photograph album, but are instead available by clicking on the photograph above left.

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