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The United Kingdom (UK) held a referendum on 23rd June 2016 on whether to remain a member of the European Union, or not - and voted NOT to remain a member, but instead to leave

1 February 2020 - The United Kingdom (UK) ceased to be a member of the EU at 11pm GMT yesterday, 31 January 2020, from today the UK enters a "Transition Period" scheduled to end on 31 December 2020, during this period negotiations will take place between the UK and the EU to decide upon their future relationship.

(The catalyst for the partial conclusion of this lengthy saga, since the referendum held on 23 June 2016 until 29 February 2020, has been the result of the General Election held in December 2019, which returned a government with a significant majority, therefore in a position finally to enact the will of the British electorate.)

You can read more about the referendum by clicking on the link at right.

European Union

'Homepage' and 'About Me' page photographs updated - 21st April 2017

21 April 2017 - I have rewritten extensively the introductory text in my 'Homepage' above, to reflect better the current operation of my website.

4 March 2017 - I don't update my 'profile' photographs here very often, but the one on this page (the 'Homepage') now shows a 'selfie' taken earlier today in the living room of my home in Nairn, whereas the updated photograph in the 'About Me' page shows me in my dining room in late November 2016 (click on the link in the left column for that page). Photographs of me in my early years, in my 50s and now in my 60s, can be accessed through the 'Photograph Album' gallery page - the link for this is in the colum at the right.

Photograph Album

Terrorism Commemoration Page

30th March 2016 - it is quite some time since I uploaded an update of this page, although I did continue to update it offline for a while after the last upload online. However, there came a point during the middle of last year that I became quite depressed by the sheer volume of separate terrorist outrages occurring on an almost daily/weekly/monthly basis so I decided to take a break. That break, partly because of changes in my own personal circumstance (I recently got married - see the 'About Me' page) is now at an end, so the republished page (link at right) includes some later items, as well as a few earlier incidents not included before, but not yet the most recent - for example the major incident in Paris in November 2015 and the more recent incidents in Brussels and Lahore. In addition, I am introducing a new section to cover individual horrific killings, rather than just those affecting numerous victims. Two incidents above all that shocked and disgusted me were the brutal hacking to death of off-duty Fusilier Lee Rigby by two 'Islamic' terrorists on the streets of London in May 2013 and the murder of a Jordanian pilot by 'Daesh'/'ISIL', allegedly being burnt alive in a cage, if a video issued by these murderous barbarians in February 2015 deserves credence, but whatever happened to these unfortunate men was undoubtedly horrific, no less than the other brutal murders committed by these so-called 'Islamic' maniacs. I will hopefully feel able to bring the link on the right fully up to date fairly soon, without too many additions being required from today.

Terrorism Commemoration Page

Schengen Agreement faces risk of two year suspension - 27th January 2016

26 January 2016 - The Schengen Agreement is in grave danger of at the very least suspension and perhaps complete dissolution if the intitial two-year suspension being considered becomes more permanent. One proposal is for Greece, which alone has no common land border with any other participating country, to be excluded completely. The Schengen Agreement was signed in 1985 completely separately from the then EEC, and implemented fully in 1995 when it was incorporated into what had by then become EU Law with opt-outs for two countries, the UK and Ireland. Currently there are several EU member states which, although obliged to participate eventually, do not yet do so. There are in addition several non-members of the EU which do participate. You can read more about this by clicking on the 'Int. Rel.' button in the left column, or you can go straight to the 'European Union' page by clicking on the link at right. The various news media that I have consulted are somewhat contradictory at this stage on what precisely has been agreed and what is merely being proposed and negotiated and at present the EU official website is silent on the matter. I have also today written a much lengthier article in my blog which you can read here. There is a general link to the homepage for my blog further down this page too of course.

European Union

Referendum on Scottish Independence - 18th September 2014
(This section will remain a permanent feature on my homepage for the foreseeable future, given its major importance to me personally and to the UK and Scotland generally.)

19th September 2014 - The referendum held yesterday to decide whether Scotland would remain a part of the United Kingdom, or whether it would become a separate/independent country has now concluded with the final result being announced officially earlier today. In brief the "Yes" campaign has been defeated and therefore Scotland will remain a part of the United Kingdom, a decision that pleases me greatly. The results for the "no" vote were 2,001,926 votes (55.3%), with the "yes" side of the debate receiving 1,617,989 votes (44.7%). However, there are going to be significant constitutional changes both in Scotland and in other parts of the UK (specially as they affect England) that if successful are likely to ensure that this ugly problem does not rear its head again anytime soon and that people's reasonable democratic expectations are addressed throughout the whole country. The "Devolution settlement" concocted by the last Labour government in 1997/8 was defective and has in my opinion led us directly to this impasse and its current efforts to deny English voters sole say in domestic English matters, for purely partisan political reasons, must be resisted at all costs, otherwise the amended settlement currently being negotiated is unlikely to be very durable. Whatever else may be said about this referendum exercise, it has on the whole been conducted in a civlised manner, with only the 'aggressive' tactics of some of the "yes" supporters marring this; it seems clear that many countries around the world have looked on with some amazement both that such a referendum for a part of a country to 'secede' was ever held in the first place, specially in a country that has existed for so long and been as stable as the United Kingdom, but that it was actually permitted in the first place, not to mention that it was mostly carried out in a peaceful, civilised manner. It was also completely honest and transparent, as all elections have been in this country for a very long time, so the pre-referendum agreement of all to accept the result will be honoured without question. What this really shows is that the home of modern democracy, the UK, has demonstrated once more how secure and self-confident we are in our democratic beliefs and credentials. Full results of the referendum can be found in the dedicated BBC website page linked to at right.

Scotland Decides


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